Mr. C's Catering and Kitchen Rentals

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Responsibilities at Mr. C's Santa Clara Catering Kitchen

The following are the responsibilities of Mr, C's Catering at the Kitchen Rental Facility:

  1. Supply and Fill - paper towel holders, soap dispensers, and toilet roll dispensers.
  2. Clean and maintain hood filters.
  3. Clean and maintain bathroom.
  4. Maintain and service machines to insure proper service.
  5. Supply necessary service for pest control.
  6. Correct any violations from the Health Department.
  7. Mr. C's is responsible for outside trash area & bathroom trash can.
  8. Service Cloth Towels.

The following are the responsibilities of each individual company sharing the kitchen:

  1. Keep their storage areas neat and clean and dispose of old outdated products.
  2. Clean up after their shift the areas of use.
  3. Inform Mr.C's of any problems with any of the machines.
  4. Inform Mr.C's of any supplies that we are short of.
  5. Keep updated all Licenses, Permits, and Insurances.
  6. Correct any violations from the health department.
  7. Each company is responsible for supplying and cleaning their own pots, pans, sheet pans, Etc.

The Following Supplies will be Supplied by Mr. C's Catering Kitchen Rental::

  • Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
  • Bleach (for Sanitizing Dishes) & Comet
  • Hand Soap & Dish Soap
  • Liquid Floor Cleaner for Mop Bucket
  • Green Scrub Pads & Trash Can Liners

Office: (805)461-3614