Mr. C's Catering and Kitchen Rentals

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Santa Clara Kitchen Rental Requirements & Rules

In Order to Operate and Prepare Products from our Kitchen, everyone must contact the following People and their Offices. They will assist you in properly setting you up with the proper Permits, and Insurance:

Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health
Fred Amir
Farmers Market Health Permits (Christy) (408) 918-3478
(408) 918-3456
City of Santa Clara
Business Tax Certificate / Fire Permit Department
1500 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara CA 95050
(408) 615-2310
Richard Dunne Insurance Brokerage
For Caterers, Chefs, Barbecues
(408) 448-0393
Granite Professional Ins.
For Bakers, Non-Catering Companies
(925) 462-8400



Each Person (Company) Must Obtain and Keep Current - the Following:

  1. A Health Permit (call for current permit cost)
  2. A City Permit
  3. An Insurance Policy with at least $1,000,000.00 Minimum Coverage
    (Mr. C's Catering must be named on the policy as "Additionally Insured")

Depending on the individuals needs and what kind of Product that they are Producing, You may need additional Permits to Operate. Further information can be obtained by inquiring with the City License Department, and/or the Health Department.

A rental agreement must be signed before acquiring permits

All Permits must be given to Mr. C's Catering to Display in Public View!

All Permits must be obtained before Starting to Prepare Product from our Kitchen

Each tenant will call in hours of usage to the office as needed on a daily basis. Each tenant is expected to be willing to adjust his/hers hours with co-tenants as much as possible, when needed. If you require set hours during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) daily. You will be expected to share hours with another tenant when needed. Only (1) tenants will be allowed in the kitchen at once. If the kitchen happens to be sceduled to use and have to use the kitchen at the same time, then the two tenants will be required to adjust their schedules to work out the problem time slot. This is a requirement for all Tenants. The chances of this happening are very rare, but we must be prepared.

Office: (805)461-3614