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Santa Clara Kitchen Monthly Rent And Deposit Procedures

Requirements for New Tenants:

The category on the Rental Rates page, determines your security deposit and first months rent.
EXAMPLE: If you choose the first category, $375.00 monthly rent, you will need the following to sign up:



If you use more hours during the month than your category allows, you pay the amount per hour over your minimum usage. The amount of hours are recorded by each tenant on a monthly form, that is furnished for you at the kitchen. You will be billed at the end of the month, and the money for additional hours is due by the first of the next month. In another words, Please pay the additional hours by the next time rent is due.

For new tenants, please write each check separately payable to "Mr. C's Catering Kitchen Rental." Separate checks are easier and provide protection for both you and us. (In case of any errors or problems in the future, and in case of any problems that may arrive between you and us.)

The rules are reasonable and will not be bent for any reason!!

Office: (805)461-3614